A New Year, A New Ewe

Happy New Year!

The Woolie Ewe rang out the end of 2012 with its annual End of Year Sale. This year’s sale was an eye opener for me personally. I had no idea how much everyone looked forward to this particular sale. New and old friends came out to shop with us and yarn flew off the shelves. Thank you to everyone that made the sale such a wonderful experience.

Starting the first week of January the Woolie Ewe is counting inventory and will be closed until Saturday, January 5th.

Aside from changes to the layout (not to worry – yarn will still be sorted by weight) you will find some other changes as well. One of these changes has been on the top of our own to-do list for a while as it has been a request from many customers and it’s one that we are happy to be able to make.

Staff TagsDuring the End of Year Sale you might have caught sight of some of us wearing shirts with Harriet on the back of them. (If we weren’t bundled up in our cardigans!) Unless Andy decides to make these shirts available to the public you can pretty much count on anyone wearing one to be a Ewe and willing to help out.

However, if you don’t see a Harriet shirt, check for a black lanyard with pink lettering. All the Ewes have one.  It’s much cooler than a bulky name tag, don’t you think?

We look forward to seeing everyone again on Jan. 5th, until then keep your needles and hooks busy!

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