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Many of the Woolie Ewe’s customers are familiar with Ravelry and the benefits that come from being a member of this free resource. It’s a great way to keep track of your stash, needles, patterns, and host of other things as well. I can’t count the number of times I’ve pulled my phone out and looked something up on Ravelry to answer a query for a customer.

Because of this, I am constantly surprised when someone isn’t familiar with Ravelry.

So here’s the skinny/deal on Ravelry and what it means for the Woolie Ewe:

Ravelry is a free resource for fiber enthusiasts (knitters, crocheters, weavers, yarn dyers etc.) It is in essence a huge database of yarns and patterns. Members can keep track of their stash, patterns, and needles. They can join individual interest groups, search for a pattern (free and paid), and share their projects with other like minded folks.

The Woolie Ewe has a group on Ravelry. What does this mean? It means that Ravelry members that are customers of the Woolie Ewe can share their projects, ask questions, and in general share their love of their favorite LYS.

When the group was formed in 2007 it was decided that members of the group would get something special. Something exclusive. Members of the Woolie Ewe Group on Ravelry received 10% off of regularly priced yarn. There were checks for this of course. For a while there was a printed copy of the member list at the register (when the group was still small enough).

As Ravelry exploded on the yarn scene the member list became unwieldy and tags were given out with a promise that the tags would be used for really exclusive events. [Things didn't work out for the initial tags.] Finally as a way for us to keep track notes were made in customer files.

Currently if you are a member and we don’t have a note, we check the member list on Ravelry and update your information.

What being a member of the Woolie Ewe Ravelry Group means to members now:

  • Members receive 10% off regular priced yarn
  • Notification of exclusive sales
  • Receive an exclusive Woolie Ewe Dog Tag.
  • Great online community!

Now here’s the thing about the Dog Tag. Regardless of tag, if we have the notation that you are a Ravelry member you get the 10% discount. We are planning several events that will require you to show us the tag even if we know you are a member. (I often recommend keeping the tag with you in someway just in case.)

If you aren’t a member of Ravelry or a member of our Ravelry Group here is how you join:

  1. Go to Ravelry. Signing up is free. All you will need is a valid email address.
  2. Once you have signed up and created a username, click on the “groups” tab located at the top and do a search for Woolie Ewe. The actual name of the group is called My Stash Comes from the Woolie Ewe. Once you are on the group page there is a button on the right side towards the top that says join group. Click it.
  3. The next time you come in tell us what your username on Ravelry is. We will verify that your name is listed in the group and make the notation in your file, then give you a dog tag.

For current and new Ravelry group members if you would like to learn how to use Ravelry (and get the most benefit out of it) we will be hosting one or two free classes per month.

3 thoughts on “The Woolie Ewe & Ravelry

  1. Anyone who is on the fence about Ravelry, JUST DO IT. “Amazing resource” doesn’t even begin to cover it. Not only can you look up yarns & patterns, not only is there a discussion group for ALMOST everything out there (politics, religion, science, language, current events, you name it), but you can look at other people’s *projects*, and that’s a HUGE resource.

    If you’re the type who likes or has to make modifications to a pattern for whatever reason; color, fiber allergy, body structure, personal preference, whatever, you can look through the projects other people have made and look at their modifications. For fitted garments, this can be *huge*. And any time, night or day (I’m frequently on at 4 am on a Saturday), there is someone there to answer your questions.

    I’ve been on Ravelry probably five years and I think the ONE time I got an e-mail message from them was when about two hundred sites (Facebook, banks, newspapers, LinkedIn) had a security breach and was told to change my password. If you decide you really hate it, you can just not use it.

  2. I would be lost without Ravelry. I can’t remember who first told me about it, but I am so glad they did. I am on Ravelry every day. the Woolie Ewe. Great selection of yarn and really great folks there!

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