Finishing Projects – Aunt Esther’s Yarn

Some time in December a lovely lady came in to the shop with a conundrum. She had inherited some hand-carded, hand-spun, un-dyed wool from her husbands aunt several years ago but had no idea what to create with it.

She toyed with the idea of making a blanket but wasn’t sure which technique to use. After beginning a crochet swatch she promptly brought the yarn in and asked for advice on how to handle the yarn.

The story behind Aunt Esther’s Yarn was touching. Betty and I discussed the various options available and reassured her that the fiber would work up wonderfully, especially in the swatch pattern she was working in – crochet chevrons. ¬†After giving her some suggestions on how to best go about assembling and eventually caring for the resulting blanket she left the shop with confidence.

Last Thursday she came back with a container and a huge smile.

“I promised I would come back when I finished this for show and tell.” she said as we moved to the help table.

Nestled inside the tub were two lap sized afghans. They were beautiful.

It was a real treat to see the finished results and we love that she wanted to share it with us.

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