Bunny Week: Bunny Hop

They are cute all year-round, but there is just something about the imminent arrival of Spring that makes me squeal over wee little rabbitses.

I have been wanting to knit this particular bunny family for a long time – ever since I saw them on display at the Knitting at KNoon booth at TNNA (2010, maybe?).  This year, I’m all about knitting what has been on the backburner of my knitting list for a while, so I snagged up some of the Sublime Organic Merino Dk in bunny colors and went to town.

I have two of the large and one of the small bunnies.  I also prefer my bunnies unadorned, so I did not knit the accessory items (an apron, neckerchief, carrot, basket and flowers) that come along with the pattern.

They knit up very quickly and I’m hoping to have a few more of the small bunnies made up for Easter.  A basket of bunnies is just the thing for Spring!

The pattern is Bunny Hop by Chris de Longpre, of Knitting at KNoon.

eta: We’ve sold out of the pattern, but give us a call and we can order a copy for you. 972-424-3163

Bunny Week: Itty Bitty Toys Bunny

This long-limbed bunny from Itty Bitty Toys by Susan B. Anderson is sized just perfectly for a toddler to hold in their arms.  With typical bunny ears, long arms and legs, there is always someplace for little hands to grab on.

Knit using 2 skeins of soft Blue Sky Alpaca Worsted Cotton and at 8″ in height when seated, if you add pellets to his rear end, he’ll stay seated on his own.

The bonus part of knitting bunnies is that they usually have a pom-pom tail and this one is no exception.  Such a sweet little puff of tail!


Bunny Week: Noro Rabbit

A few years ago, Linda P. knit us a bunny using an out-of-print pattern from Debbie Bliss and Noro Taiyo yarn, so we were delighted when Knitting Fever posted the pattern for free last week!  We rescued the bunny from the top shelf display he had been languishing in and set him free for squishes in the store (every sample animal gets loved on by some small person during the course of its store life).

He’s so cute with his multi-color limbs and body,  just waiting to liven up the life of a lucky recipient.  Of course, he doesn’t have to be knit in striping yarn – you could substitute a yarn that is a solid color.


Bunny Week: Needle Felt Bunny

How about this little bundle of needle-felted wool?

This project, found in Wool Pets by Laurie Sharp, would be so sweet tucked up in a Spring scene on a mantle or table runner.

Each of the projects in Wool Pets has a series of photos demonstrating the sculpting and shaping steps needed to achieve the animal, which is very helpful to a novice needle-felter like myself.  Although the book has been out for several years, I recently insisted we order it just so I could buy a copy.   Whenever I have a few free hours, I plan on trying a bunny or two of my own.

Bunny Week: Hop from Blue Sky Alpacas

Bunnies are so prolific in the spring and here at the Woolie Ewe, even hand-crafted bunnies abound.

This Thursday is the first meeting of our class on the Hop bunny pattern from Blue Sky Alpacas.  The long, slender body of Hop is just right for dragging around behind a little one, or classically posed for a spring-time decor scene.

Clare knit this fella out of a super soft cotton and stuffed his feet with pellets to make sure they hang properly.  On top of that, the pattern includes a Hop-sized sweater with a tiny carrot on the front.

So many bunnies to choose from! We’ll showcase a few more of our favorites the rest of this week.