Chic-a Bags

Just in at the Ewe are these fantastic bags by Chic-a.

In fun, bright prints, the pouches are easily wiped down and protect what is inside from all the unpredictable elements of life, making them ideal for knitting or crochet projects.

Not only are the zippered pouches great for knitting notions, but any time you need a bag to hold a number of things – a coupon pouch, pencil bag, camera disks (*ahem*).

The pouches come in three sizes, 7″, 9″ and 14″.  They are available in three different styles -  clear front (7″, pink, above), original (7″, butterfly print, top) and double zippered (black, 9″, bottom).

The 14″ size easily fits a pattern inside without needing to fold it.

Aside from the pouches, which could definitely fit smaller projects inside, for larger projects that need equal protection from life, the Journey Bag and the Prism Bag are both well-suited.

With a zippered closure and all-over water-resistant fabric, the Prism bag will protect its contents. The inside is lined with a light white fabric with a small pocket on one side.

The Journey Tote, while not quite as enclosing as the Prism bag, holds the same amount of yarn and (in my opinion) has a bit more pizzazz.  The top has a concealed magnetic closure which is nice for those of us who have a habit of accidentally catching yarn in zippers.

Since this bag is reversible, there is a pocket on the outside and on the inside.

One thing I particularly like about this bag is that the bottom is covered in the water-resistant fabric, making it great for vacation knitting and keeping everything safe from campgrounds, the beach, the backyard, and the kitchen floor…

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