New Colors of Spud and Chloe

Alongside the Techno in the boxes that arrived Wednesday were the newest colors in Fine, Sweater and Outer from Spud and Chloe.

Fine has added in two delicious greys and a light blue.




Sweater is now available in black as well as a light grey and a blue that matches the new blue in Fine.




Outer is in a crisp white, a lovely purple and a true blue.

Snow Day



In addition to showing you these new colors, we’d like to add that on purchases over $200, we’re giving away a Lantern Moon Clamshell Case set.  Composed of three pouches that nest together when not in use, each size can hold a variety of useful objects (knitting-related or not!).

Kaw Valley Wrap in Alpaca Silk

We recently expanded our selection of Blue Sky Alpacas yarn to include Alpaca Silk because we just couldn’t live without the opportunity to knit the Kaw Valley Wrap.

Marion knit up the one on display and we just can’t stop oohing and aahing over it whenever we walk past.

The yarn is a luscious blend of alpaca and silk with a slight sheen and wonderful drape.

This wrap and the yarn are the perfect combination.

We’re offering the Kaw Valley Wrap as a class in July, so check that out if you are intimidated by the prospect of lace, or if you just want some company and help on hand while you knit the wrap.

With the addition of the Alpaca Silk line, we took the opportunity to re-organize the Blue Sky Alpaca/Spud and Chloe area and boy, does it look good!

All sides of this island are full of lovely yarns from Spud and Chloe and Blue Sky Alpacas.

We re-stocked the Pretty Cheep project bags and our supply of Spud and Chloe patterns.  Not all of them would fit in the racks here, so two more racks of patterns are just across the aisle.