Shadow Capelet in Techno

I just finished up the Shadow Capelet pattern from the folks at Blue Sky Alpacas.  Using three skeins of Techno, the capelet is knit in the round and then turned inside out so the wrong side of the work is actually the outside (and you don’t have to purl the entire thing!).

For a peppy, cheerful look, I chose Posh Pink and Cha-Cha Red as stripes to go with Fame (the cream).

Techno is soft and light, but it is a very insulating yarn – I was working on this inside a chilly coffee shop and it kept my lap quite warm. The capelet is the perfect size to tuck into a handbag in case of over-zealous air conditioning when you are out and about in the summer.

Pattern: Shadow Capelet from Blue Sky Alpacas, designed by Merri Fromm

Yarn: Blue Sky Alpacas Techno; 1 hank each of three colors, shown in #1970 Fame,  #1976 Cha-Cha Red and #1981 Posh Pink

Apres Vest in Techno

I promised you this vest in Techno a few weeks ago, and here it is! The pattern is the Apres Vest from Blue Sky Alpacas by Olga Buraya-Kefelian.

After an initial attempt when I accidentally used the wrong needle size (Public Service Announcement: check the size of the needle before you return it to whatever empty needle envelope happens to be sitting on the coffee table.  The two don’t necessarily go together.), the vest went quite quickly.  The ruching pattern is easy to follow and memorize and changing to a large needle for part of it means you can make lots of progress with little time.

The body is in knit back and forth, including the fronts and back, up to the armholes, which are finished with an i-cord bind-off.

The fronts and back are each worked separately up to the neckline, the shoulders are joined with a three-needle bind-off and then stitches are picked up for the collar.  Like the bottom edge, the collar is knit to a fold line, then an inner flap is knit, with the live stitches sewn to the picked-up stitches, creating a hemmed edge.  Once all the knitting is done, there is very little finishing to do!  Weaving in ends, closing a few small openings and sewing on the snap tape are all that remain.

The yarn is so light and fluffy and smooth – it just glides along the needle with little effort or friction, although, as most alpaca yarns, it does shed.   When talking to the gals at Blue Sky Alpacas in June, they assured me that after an initial period, the shedding slows down.

Although the pattern directions don’t mention anything about this, I went ahead and seamed up the openings made from hemming the body edge and the collar.

I can’t wait for cold weather so that I can wear this lightweight vest as a needed layer when out walking the dog, raking leaves or just sitting out around the firepit making s’mores.

Blue Sky Alpacas Techno

We’ve been awaiting the arrival of Blue Sky Alpacas’ latest yarn, Techno, for a few weeks. To sate the immediate desire to knit with this latest luxury yarn, I whipped up this hat from the sample I received at TNNA.  But then, oh, but then, I had to wait until the yarn arrived in the store to actually showcase the hat!


I was so enamored of the finished hat that I wore it in the office a few days to keep off the air conditioning chill when I didn’t have a sweater to throw on.

Techno, the yarn, is a silk tube with alpaca blown into it ( and some wool somewhere in that mix) and thus is incredibly warm yet lightweight. Soft and airy, with a bit of halo in the finished product – what is not to like?

The smocked cable pattern was easy to follow and since Techno is a thicker yarn, using US 10.5 needles, I had this hat finished in less than two evenings.

Blue Sky Alpacas features this hat on their website as a free download. Using only one ball of Techno, I can see this being the ‘go-to’ knitted gift item for the upcoming holiday season.

Now that Techno is in the store, I snagged my bag of color #1970, Fame and I’m working on the Apres Vest in it. I hope to have that ready to share with you next week. I’d best be getting my needles clicking!