The Knitter’s Year: Doorstop

Occasionally, I like to work on a project that is functional, good-looking and easy to work on in between more complicated projects.  Over the past few weeks, I snuck in a few rows here and there on this doorstop from Debbie Bliss’ The Knitter’s Year. Without even really realizing it, I had the main part of the project completed and all it needed was the finishing. This project requires one ball of Debbie Bliss Eco Aran Cotton and US 7 needles. I used color #615, although the line comes in a variety of colors to fit any color scheme.

The knitting is an easy, two-row repeat of a durable, hard-wearing tweed stitch, creating a kevlar-esque rectangle.

To create the final shape, the cast-on edge is sewn to the bind-off edge.

On one end of the resulting tube, the tube is folded so that the sewn edge is in the middle and next seam is from fold to fold.

For the third seam, the tube is folded so that the original seam forms one end of the fold. At the opposite end, the braided loop is sewn with the seam.

I started at the edge of the seam with the loop and sewed down to 1.5 inches from the final edge.  At this point, I made a funnel out of scrap paper (a regular funnel would work here too, I just couldn’t find mine) and filled the doorstop with some very old dried corn (for popping) that I wanted to clear out of the pantry. The book recommends dried beans, but I feel dried corn falls into that same category.

Stitch up the remainder of the seam and you are finished!

To make the braided loop at the top, I followed the pattern, but found that I needed to anchor the strands with something. Clipping the strands with a clipboard is probably the best option.  I set a few sewing pins into a piece of corkboard and used that to hold down the strands.